You're an astronaut. Fix the ship. Don't die.

Remember: in space, no one can hear you do minigames.

Created in 48 hours for the 2022 Computer Science Students' Association Game Jam at the University of Manitoba. All programming, assets, sound, and music were made by our team! (except for the cursed image for that one minigame)

Team Tank Engine

Earl Almiñana @Esbanana (programming, level design)

Lyle Arcinas @lel.rc (programming)

Thomas Bautista @icybreeze9 (programming)

Owen Burland (programming)

Caleb Beynon @Will0wisp (art, Git maestro)

Graham Downey @Ham62 (music, sound effects)

Dylan Elias (programming)


Crunchy.wav (crouch sound) is public domain and free for all to use!

Thanks for playing our game <3


Crunchy.wav 129 kB

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